VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System Employee Engagement HVAC Chilled Beam Utility Upgrade

Davenergy was contracted to provide engineering design for the cooling and heating in Building 1A’s chilled beam system. This design effort addressed the increased heating, electrical, and data requirements on the 3rd floor. Energy efficiency, and occupancy comfort was achieved because our key staff understood the nuances and expertise required when upgrading building systems.

Davenergy led the design, which adheres to all national codes, VA design criteria, and VA design guides and manuals posted on the TIL. Davenergy staff provided all field investigation, design analysis, construction drawings, specifications, construction period services (to be provided), inspections, and equipment testing. Special consideration was made to ensure any new HVAC equipment connects and integrates with the current controls system (JCI) and current chilled beams (Trox Technik).

Davenergy staff performed site visits where they evaluated the VA the current system to determine whether using the current system for additional cooling was a viable option. As part of Davenergy’s due diligence it was discovered that the original chilled beam manufacturer, Trox Technik, was no longer in business and a new vendor was required. Davenergy reached out to several companies who were located within the United States and found the best possible candidate to meet the project’s space requirements, the VA’s existing performance criteria, and ones that would be servicable by the VA maintenance staff.