VISN 20 Retro-commissioning Services

Davenergy provided retro-commissioning services for the recently constructed 248,000 square foot Anchorage Alaska Outpatient Clinic for the purpose of establishing and altering Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and related energy-using systems to proper operational capabilities. The retro-commissioning process used a systematic and documented process that identified operational and maintenance improvements to bring the site up to the design intentions of its current usage. Recommendations made are expected to have a payback period of less than a year and will save an estimated 260,476 kWh and $27,350 every year. A small sample of recommended Corrective Actions and ECMs included rescheduling of Supply and Return Fans operation, replacing Pre-heat coils on Air Handlers, using multiple thermostats to balance temperatures, reducing load on Glycol loop, changing coil capacities, investigating compressed air system for leaks, and installing ambient lighting sensors.