VAMC Providence Building 35 Expansion Commissioning

The Department of Veterans Affairs is in the process of constructing new HVAC and electric systems to support the expansion of Building 35, which involves the renovation of the second, first, and basement levels of the building to include expansions and new building envelope features. The expansion will require new interconnections to the campus steam and chilled water systems, new HVAC air distribution equipment, new communications systems, new nurse call equipment, new fire alarm monitoring and projection, and new building envelope systems. As the third-party commissioning agent, Davenergy assists in the development of pre-functional and functional testing procedures for the project. Scope includes construction phase commissioning processes and procedures ensuring compliance, coordinating between General Contractor and Subcontractors on the site to perform system documentation, conducting and overseeing field conditions and manufacturer’s equipment installation, conducting test data procedures, providing testing and balancing services and oversight, detailed scheduling for all commissioning tasks, and performing testing and training.