Proof and Performance

Our official performance records demonstrate our consistent, professional dedication to customer service and satisfaction. We have a diverse clientele of Federal agencies who rate our work through the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). Over the past 5 years, of the total 506 individual ratings in each CPARS category to date, 49% rate our firm as Exceptional and Very Good (pie chart at right).

Agencies using CPARS provide ratings in a variety of categories; the most often used are Quality, Schedule, Cost Control, and Management. When we look at the total number of ratings within each of these categories separately (see bar chart below), our performance record remains strong. 

Client satisfaction is the best measure of performance. High levels of satisfaction cannot be attained without an excellent level of coordination and quality deliverables. Davenergy’s commitment to performance and quality are more than words on paper. We provide quality deliverables, on-time, and within budget. This table is a summary of the client evaluations for similar projects.