VISN 18 Northern Arizona Healthcare Building Automation System Planning

The overarching goal of this project was to create, on a central server, a building automation system interface for graphics, historical data, and alarms to bring in all the different systems with a unified look and feel with upgrading existing controls that are out of date or unsupported. Davenergy performed several site visits to the Prescott, Arizona VA Hospital during the project onset to perform a detailed survey and to collect available data on the existing Building Automation Systems currently installed at the hospital. During this time, pertinent information was gathered, and meetings with end-users at the facility were interviewed to determine critical needs, areas of concern, and current system pitfalls. The onsite collected data and interview notes were used to develop the initial high-level recommendations and concepts to be reviewed with the facility to begin the master planning process.

The master plan was developed at a high level by understanding the existing equipment and how it is currently controlled while maintaining compliance with the VA Technical Information Library (TIL) as well as ASHRAE industry standards. A new detailed system architecture was developed for the station that included planned failure modes of operation, and redundant operations for the facility. Niagara AX Supervisor software was determined to be the most efficient and effective solution for centralizing control for all HVAC equipment. Connectivity was designed around a fiber optic cabling backbone to link the system together through JACEs and SoftJACEs utilizing ASHRAE’s open communications protocol for controls called BACnet. Requirements for the installation contractors to comply with and participate in measurement and verification (M&V), as well as commissioning activities, were defined. Finally, the master plan established the minimum requirements for the new control systems graphical interface,
trending requirements, and user control options to allow for the Building Automation System
Operator to services our Veterans.