VISN 21 A&E Design Services for Project 612A4-18-231 Evaluate all Pharmacy Sites for USP 797/800 Compliance and Corrections

Davenergy was engaged to provide professional engineering services to investigate, evaluate, design, test, and provide analysis and specialty services to accomplish a review of the 11 pharmacies located within the Veteran Affair Northern California Health Care System. During the month of December 2018 Davenergy visited each pharmacy location requested and performed a GAP analysis. Each site visit included an assessment of current conditions and identification of compliance issues and deficiencies with proposed USP 800 regulations. The assessments included reviewing existing drawings, speaking to pharmacy managers, recording air flow measurements, and observing the pharmacy and surrounding locations. After a review of each pharmacy was complete, we submitted a Findings Report and proposed design to provide compliancy with USP 797/800.

A bulk of the pharmacies assessed included no existing compounding locations, so the proposed designs included construction in order to create compounding locations and also be compliant with USP 797/800 standards. The design suggestions in the reports were based upon of USP guidelines. Designs comply with the VA Pharmacy Design Guide (dated April 1, 2018) and the HVAC Design Manual. All considerations from these documents were applied to the proposed designs.

As part of the project scope for these 11 sites the design included new air handling units, stainless steel ducting, exhaust fans, and new buffer cabinets. The project also included demolition, new walls, new flooring, new mechanical equipment, and new electrical equipment. Other design considerations addressed include the HD receiving/HD storage rooms will have a separate entrance than the main pharmacy.