VISN 21 Palo Alto Construction Management Services

The major projects supported Research/Veterinary Facility ($98M), Radiology Consolidation Project ($121M), and Recreation Services Building ($21.3M) are described below and were completed at the end of October 2021. The capital asset improvements program effort includes the construction of the Research/Veterinary Medical Unit, a 95,000-SF, 2-Story building with a below grade Vivarium floor, interstitial floor, and a loading dock.

The contract included a 34,000-SF addition to the main hospital (Building 100), which replaces the existing radiology facility (Building 102) and a 15,000-SF renovation of existing space in Building 100. The new space centralizes/accommodates new radiology equipment for patient care and a 174,000-SF Rehabilitation Center. The new Rehabilitation Center consolidates their rehabilitation programs (Polytrauma, Blind Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine Rehab, and Physical & Occupational Therapy). This VAMC encompasses 160,000-SF medical facility is comprised of vivarium, labs, patient care, recreation therapy, research, specialty clinics, and administrative facilities. Davenergy provided construction management services for the OCFM with staff who successfully managed multiple projects concurrently, with a total value over $200M.